"...having a full brand now, that I can feel confident that I am going to stick to and not change anytime soon" Michelle, Tone & Texture 

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity 

Tone & Texture is an interior design studio. The brand is elevated and timeless to speak directly to the ideal client.

For the brand identity, we focused on the Serif typography, clean lines and refinement that Tone & Texture represents. We chose a neutrals and greys colour palette that harmonizes, unifies and adds variety to the brand's applications.

We designed the logos to have a homage to the furniture and decor shapes you find in interiors. 

Outcomes of PROJECT


Michelle, TOne & Texture

"The process was great - starting from understanding my business and setting up my brand values - I feel like this part of the process really helped me to understand my branding and not just a pretty logo."

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